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NAME: Kelli Parker

PROFESSION: EXP Agent & Real Estate Investor
RESULTS: Brings $5K Net in STR Rental Profits Every Month


“George serves you so much!
Sales have improved despite seasonal factors.
There’s a valuable community, genuine, don’t climb to know it all.”

NAME: Austin Goree

PROFESSION: Fix & Flipper / Real Estate Investor
RESULTS: Launched his First Rental Arbitrage in 52 days & Brings in $9K-$10K per month


“Who am I gonna listen to, my wants over here or somebody who knows what he's talking about here?"

NAME: Chris Munoz

PROFESSION: Fix and Flipper / Real Estate Investor
RESULTS: Newbie to Making $7K-$9K every month with His First Airbnb!

“I've joined other programs before ad they are not as informative. And having full access to you (George), full range to you and to your team really is very helpful."

NAME: David Clemmer

PROFESSION: Real Estate Agent & Ex-Professor
RESULTS: From Zero to $95,000 & 40-50% Profit Margins in 8 Months from his 1st Rental Arbitrage House!

"I did it! [Str] has given us the freedom to travel and do different things that are extra that we wouldn’t have been doing had I not taken this plunge. It’s time, George is holding me accountable- let’s go!"

NAME: Sean McFarlin

PROFESSION: Real Estate Investor
RESULTS: Cash Flows 25x More With His 3 Airbnbs Than His Long Term Rentals & Averages $25,000-$30,000 Per Month

“The strategy alone is well worth it. George has a lot of knowledge to convey. Every one [session] is better than the last one."

NAME: Ray Sasser

PROFESSION: Real Estate Mentor
RESULTS: Earns $3k/ Month Each Property on His Rentals with Airbnb

“...You were the compelling force to make me instead of being sitting on the sidelines and wondering, it was like, okay, he's actually showing this stuff to me. He's stepping me through it. He's helping me understand the number. And actually just by watching what you're doing and listening to you, it's very reproducible, and to see you really doing it. .. that was very compelling, very convincing. It made me take action. "

NAME: Clay Burgess

PROFESSION: Property Manager
RESULTS: From Zero to $300,000 Per Year w/ His Own & Managed Properties

“It's very scary to really put it out there. But man, I had a lot of confidence in the things that [George] were saying in class, and I'm glad.. I made a decision, really."

NAME: Cynthia Chang

PROFESSION: Wholesaler / Real Estate Investor
RESULTS: From Zero to $20,000 Per Month in 7 Months 

“The reason why I find out with you is really to have the support. If I run into into an issue or a problem, I have someone to call. "How do I fix this?", "How do I do this?", "How do I do that?". And I think that's what made me sign up.

Get some coaching... coaching definitely pushes you to the limit, and the accountability and just seeing people doing the same thing that you're doing."


Shawn Warner 

Cynthia Chang

Austin Goree

Chris Munoz

Esteban Torres

Evie Valadez